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Fascial Stretching Workshops are a prerequisite to the Teacher Training

Level 1 Workshop Fascial Stretching & Strengthening

Level 1 Fascial Stretching and Strengthening is designed to expand your inner space by opening the joints of the spine, ribs, and hips.

During this workshop the structure and function of fascia will be explained; how it differs from muscles and therefore needs to be stretched in a specific way.  We will also discuss how nutrition, hydration, activity, and stress, affects fascia within your body.

These stretches will actively transform your body, and give you the tools to maintain a healthy and pain-free life.  Students will start at their own level of ability and all stretches will be individually modified for level of ability and/or current injuries.

This class is perfect for anyone who wants to experience a more expansive inner body awareness. Whether you want to get more from your yoga practice, improve your posture, relieve pain, reach a new fitness goal, or simply feel better – all ages and abilities are welcome.

Prerequisite to the Teacher Training

Available on request


Level 2 Workshop Fascial Stretching & Strengthening

Level 2 Fascial Stretching and Strengthening will build upon the stretches learned in Level 1.  This workshop will focus on strengthening the stretched fascia within and surrounding the joints of the hips, spine, and ribs in order to strengthen the ability of those tissues to resist compression from the forces of gravity and maintain space within the joints in an upright position.

During this workshop, the difference between muscle vs. fascial strength will be discussed, as well as how we create strength in the fascia, neural re-patterning, and the body as a tensegrity structure.  The level of difficulty is increased as you will be stretching while resisting the force of gravity.

Available on request. Students need to have taken Level 1 Fascial Stretching and Strengthening prior to taking Level 2. 

Prerequisite to the Teacher Training

Just want to let you know, that my wife and I went to the workshop today for the upper back shoulders and neck. It was great.

I do stretching in the yoga … But I always thought I was kind of tight and it was pretty hard for me to do the full stretches. In this class, we held the stretches for 4 minutes. It was kind of amazing. Many of these stretches as we got close to the 4 minutes … My muscles, ligaments, just let go.

I was able to do the whole stretch. It was also a good workout … Holding, for 4 minutes, took a lot of effort/strength. Plus we did learn techniques to use at home and in an airplane.

— A Sedona Client

Fascial Stretching & Strengthening Teacher Training

This 72-hour training in Fascial Stretching and Strengthening is an intense, in-depth study of fascial anatomy and functionality.  Broken into three 3-day weekends:

  • Teacher Training Level 1 – Focus on fascial stretching to open the joints of the spine, ribs, and hips, combined with postural analysis.
  • Teacher Training Level 2 – Focus on fascial strengthening to prevent joint compression in an upright position, combined with postural analysis and injury rehabilitation.
  • Teacher Training Level 3 – coordination of movement along functional lines.

Teacher Training Level 1: March 1 – 3, 2019

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